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Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal

Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal is an Internationally trained doctor who is highly skilled in his field. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he can share with his patients, which makes him an excellent choice for your cancer care needs. If you are looking for quality treatment, then Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal is the doctor for you.


The fight against cancer is not just about survival, it’s about thriving in the face of adversity.

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Why Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal

  • One of the top oncologists in the nation, Dr. Hari Mohan has been practicing medicine for 25 years. Dr. Hari Mohan has collaborated with one of the top oncologists in the world both domestically and overseas.
  • Additionally, he completed his radiation oncology specialization at the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.
  • Due to his proficiency and reputation in the field of cancer, Dr. Hari Mohan is frequently approached by India’s leading institutes and specialty hospitals.
  • Through his extensive expertise and years of experience in the field of oncology, Dr. Hari Mohan, who has so far treated thousands of patients, has been able to win the trust of the patients.
  • His approach is to give ethical, honest, and quality cancer care to all and has the best survival rates.

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Options

Our Treatments


Radiotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high-energy beams of radiation to kill cancer cells. It is often used as an additional treatment to surgery or chemotherapy, but it can also be used as the main treatment for some cancers.


Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given intravenously (through a vein) or orally (by mouth).


Immunotherapy uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy is showing promise as a new way to treat many types of cancer, including lung cancer, melanoma, and prostate cancer.

Leading Cancer Care for a Brighter Future

Your Health is Our Priority

Individualized care

You will receive a personalized treatment plan that considers your unique condition and family history, way of life, and overall health. Members of your treatment team come from specialties, including nursing, hematology/oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, and pain management, to best suit your individual needs.

Convenient Care

A person with cancer may go through years of treatment, and survivorship lasts a lifetime. Visits may be frequent when you are in the active treatment phase—convenience counts, and primarily comfort produces more significant results.


When you select Oncology Specialists, you also have access to our network of cancer-care partners. We can assist if radiation and surgery are suggested. We collaborate closely with many local providers, making interactions and referrals seamless.

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Effective Cancer Treatment Plans for Every Stage

Cancer Prevention

“Cancer prevention is always worth your time and effort.”

Cancer Screening

“Cancer screening is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of developing cancer.”

Cancer Rehabilitation

“Cancer rehabilitation is not only about getting back to your old self, it’s about becoming a stronger and better version of yourself.”

Consultation and follow-up

“Consultation is key to developing a successful treatment plan and the key to successful consultation is timely follow-up.”

Second Opinion for Cancer treatment protocols

“A second opinion is always a good idea when it comes to cancer.”


Why Do People Love Us?

Samay Singh

"I'm so glad I found Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal! He is professional and really knows his stuff when it comes to cancer treatment. He cures his patients physically and mentally and has given them back their peace of mind. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the whole process. If you're looking for an excellent cancer treatment, look no further than Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal"

Shah Faisal

"I was recently diagnosed with cancer and was looking for a treatment option that would be successful. I came across Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal. I was impressed by the amount of knowledge and success he has had in treating cancer. I decided to go with his treatment and it has been a success! I would highly recommend Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal to anyone looking for cancer treatment."

Akshay Yadav

"I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. After doing some research, I found that Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal is the best cancer doctor in Noida. I am so grateful that I decided to go to him. He was able to cure my cancer completely. If you are looking for the best cancer treatment in Noida, Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal is the best."

Ankita Chauhan

"I would like to share my experience with Breast cancer and how Doctor Hari Mohan Aggarwal has helped me out. My problem was solved by him and I am now cancer free. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a good and successful treatment for their cancer."

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    Frequently Asked Questiones

    The duration of Radiation therapy is not fixed, and it can vary from patient to patient. Other factors include cancer stage, type, size, and tumor location.

    Radiation therapy per se doesn’t hurt, but it does have side effects that may include fatigue, skin problems, or some problems in the mouth. However, the side effects also vary from one patient to another. While some side effects are temporary, others may have long-term repercussions.

    It depends upon the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. There are two distinct therapy modalities here. Radiation therapy, however, has significantly fewer negative effects than chemotherapy in terms of side effects.

    One of the traditional cancer therapy methods is surgery. To make the treatment more effective, it is usually combined with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Conventional treatments are always utilized in conjunction with other specialist treatments because they haven’t historically been effective when used alone.

    Cancer, is a non-communicable disease, that does not spread from person to person. There is no way that interacting with a cancer patient could have any impact on you. Even though there is a hereditary component to the malignant cell, only a particular type of cancer, such as ovarian, breast, or colorectal cancer, may be passed on.

    Cancer has no known exact cause, but certain triggers undoubtedly increase the risk of developing the disease. Using tobacco is one of these factors that raises the risk of developing lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, and food pipe cancer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and giving up tobacco help lower the risk of cancer.