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Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal

Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal is a passionate Radiation Oncologist who treats cancer and offers medical care to cancer patients.

  • Clinical oncology and Radiation Oncology
  • Clinical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • New advances in Radiation Oncology
  • Medical Oncology
  • Preventive Oncology
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Cancer Screening
  • Advanced Brachytherapy procedures
  • Second Opinion
  • Cancer Consultation
  • Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Consultation and Follow Up
  • Clinical research
  • 20 years of experience in the management of all types of cancer (Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Brain tumour , Gastric Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Lymphoma Cancer, Prostate Cancer)

Background and Experience

He graduated with his MBBS from Government Medical College in Miraj in 1998, and from Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai with his MD in Radiotherapy in 2006. He has 25 years of expertise, 20 of which he has spent as a specialist in radiation and medical oncology. The Delhi and UP Medical Councils both include him as a member.

Professional Skills

Oncologist 100%
Breast Cancer 100%
Lung Cancer 100%
Immunotherapy 100%


  • Head-Department of Radiation & Clinical Oncology: TCCEC, The Medical Pavilion, Antigua, West Indies
  • Senior Consultant-Department of Radiation Oncology: JAYPEE HOSPITAL, NOIDA
  • Senior Consultant & Head-Department of Radiation Oncology: SEVEN HILLS HOSPITAL, MUMBAI
  • Senior Consultant-Department of Radiation Oncology: METRO GROUP OF HOSPITALS, NEW DELHI
  • Senior Consultant-Department of Oncology: PARK GROUP OF HOSPITALS, NEW DELHI & GURGAON
  • Consultant-Department of Radiation Oncology: DHARAMSHILA CANCER HOSPITAL, NEW DELHI
  • Consultant-Department of Radiation Oncology: ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (AIMS), MUMBAI

A Patient-Centered Approach

The doctor is committed to giving each and every one of their patients the best possible care. Every patient requires individualized care and a caring approach to treatment, according to their ideology. This entails spending time getting to know their patients, comprehending their particular requirements and worries, and creating a treatment strategy that is suitable for each case.

Your Health is Our Priority

Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal

His offerings include 3DCRT, IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SRT, SBRT, Arc therapy, VMAT, and Brachytherapy (internal Radiation therapy), among others.

He works with surgeons, medical oncologists, and other experts to determine the best course of treatment for cancer patients. Along with diagnosing and treating cancer patients, Dr. Agrawal and his staff also handled cases of lymphoma, leukemia, melanoma, sarcoma, and breast, lung, and colon cancer. In addition to providing coordinated care with other doctors on his team involved in the patient’s care, he teaches his patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Hari Mohan Agrawal

But coming to the basics, Dr. Agrawal as an oncologist, is result-driven to enhance patient outcomes via cutting-edge research and therapies. He discusses the adverse effects and advantages of treatment with the patient and their immediate family after establishing whether a patient is a fit for radiation therapy or not. 

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